My 2022 race season

Finally taking some time to reflect on my 2022 season. I started off the year with a lot of what ifs. I raced a lot in 2017 and 2018 at uni and absolutely loved it. I had to stop part way through 2018 and focus on my mental health and passing med school. In the … Continue reading My 2022 race season

Dorset Divide


I entered this event in my usual style – impulsively and optimistically. When I saw the distance and time limit I thought I would be able to ride 100 miles per day and get some good sleeps in. I had previously chatted to my old uni housemate, Tamzin (currently absolutely smashing the Pan Celtic) about … Continue reading Dorset Divide

There’s never a good time to be mentally unwell…

... and lockdown certainly isn't one of them. (Please note this does not contain any medical advice. I am just talking about my own experience. If you are struggling please see your GP) You may have noticed I haven't posted in a while. Truth is I have been struggling once again with anxiety and depression. … Continue reading There’s never a good time to be mentally unwell…

Anxiety Through The Eyes of an Athlete

Guest blog from Charlotte Broughton - an incredibly talented cyclist who I have always looked up to and an open, honest and kind human being who is passionate about mental health and supporting young female cyclists. My name is Charlotte Broughton, I’m twenty-two and I live and breathe cycling. I’m a semi professional road cyclist … Continue reading Anxiety Through The Eyes of an Athlete

More than just a statistic.

1 in 10 medical students experience suicidal thoughts. I am 1 in 10. Matt Haig - Reasons to Stay Alive (free) The most inspiring and honest book for anyone who's struggled or anyone who wants to understand. Please consider donating to my fundraiser for national suicide helpline so they can reach more people who … Continue reading More than just a statistic.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: Reasons to Stay Alive

It's coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week and I've had a great week. I intended to write a blog post every day this week covering topics such as therapy, loneliness, exercise and food. But the week has flown by and (despite the country being in lockdown) I just haven't had time. I've … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: Reasons to Stay Alive