Black Lives Matter

This is always a topic that I have found difficult to talk/write about. I have always felt as a white woman from a white middle class family brought up in a white middle class commuter town that it was not my place to speak about it. That somehow by speaking about it I was being insensitive or self righteous or talking about something that I will never properly understand.

But this is part of the problem. It has always been an issue in my entire life and myself and countless others have kept quiet. And I’m asking myself, did I only post about it because everyone else is? How can I realistically make an impact? What use is a blog that only a few people read really going to do? If I’m honest I’m still asking that as I type.

I am from a very white background and as I’ve grown older I have become more and more aware of my privilege. My parents are still together, have helped me out financially and have supported me with my mental health. I achieved well at school and got into medical school.

I have friends who are BME and if I’m honest we’ve never really talked about race or racism aside from a few comments on inappropriate jokes and teasing in their school days. My friends come from all walks of lives and all had different upbringings and cultures to me and I do try my best to listen non-judgementally. Last night I watched a couple of episodes of “Dear White People” on Netflix – there was a scene where a white guy went to a meetup of black people and felt attacked for his privilege and left out. I do wonder if I’d feel the same. I have never been in the situation of being a minority at a social event. I wonder if my BME friends talk differently or more openly with people of the same background.

Myself and a friend wrote a blog about racism in the medical profession. Whilst researching for this, it really hit home how much of an issue it remains to be. I did used to sit in lecture theatres and think where is the diversity? Particularly in the case of black students. How is it in this time and age that people are still disadvantaged because of the colour of their skin?

So what am I doing about it? What can non-POC do? We can educate ourselves. We can stand up for things we feel are wrong. We can speak out against racist jokes, stereotypes and fetishisms instead of keeping quiet or nervously laughing along. We can raise awareness. We can continue to ask: how can I help? How am I contributing to the problem and how can I stop that?

I’ve seen lots of lists of helpful resources. There is so much more that we can do as well as donating. We can sign petitions in just a few clicks. We can enjoy reading a book in the sun whilst educating ourselves.



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